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Why is so-called Conservative Laura Ingraham asking President Obama in a tweet to denounce a group of black youth who beat a white disabled man while screaming F-Trump and F White people? and Twiter followers are buying in For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below People On Twitter Want Obama […]


Why is a woman from Iowa who was wanted for a probation violation found hiding in an oven that was not plugged in and was used just for hiding people For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Woman Found Hiding In An Unplugged Oven Man Secures His Beer And Not […]


Why did a 77 year old grandmother in Tacoma Washington wake up to  three burglars in her house…  and it was caught on camera…. One of the men had a crowbar…   and when she woke up, walked out and hollered… “get the hell outta here”….  the men broke and ran… only getting away with […]


Why did a couple in… Florida….  have a lovely evening… the man was being arrested for an outstanding warrant… they refused to come out of the mobile home…. and prevented two other women from leaving… S.W.A.T. waited for 6 and a half hours…    they  said they wouldn’t come out of the trailer until they had relations […]

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  Criminals are so stupid sometimes. A man trying to rob a CVS in Florida got caught simply by falling into the arms of a…