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Criminals are so dumb, for real. A man trying to rob a CVS in Florida got caught simply by falling into the arms of a police officer’s arms.

According to a police report filed in Melbourne, Florida, police were patrolling an area in the early morning hours when they heard the burglar alarm go off at a nearby CVS. “The The officers immediately relayed this information to other units and approached the business exterior where they found an open access hatch in the drive-through ceiling.” One officer also saw the tiles in the ceiling moving when he was inside of the store.

As the cops were securing the crime scene, the wanna-be robber named Alex David McBride fell through the ceiling and landed on a few police officers waiting below. “While securing the perimeter and waiting for the K9 officer, the burglar fell through the drive-thru hatch and down to the officers waiting below.”

When Alex McBRide hit the ground, he was wearing a ski mask, gloves, and had prescription pills in his possession. Too bad he didn’t have common sense in his possession to know that his plan wasn’t going to work.



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