The Oakland City Council passed the Equity Permit Program; an initiative designed to offer reparations to those affected by the Drug War.

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Whether you’re for or against legalizing marijuana, many Americans have been wondering how the Obama Administration would react to citizens in Colorado and Washington approving the legalization of pot for recreational use. In an interview with Barbara Walters, President Obama said he won’t go after Washington state and Colorado for legalizing marijuana, which remains illegal […]

Chris Brown may be in trouble at his next probation hearing after posting several pictures of himself getting high as a kite on the Amsterdam stop of his Carpe Diem tour. This comes just days after Breezy smoked weed onstage in Oslo, Norway as the crowd roared in approval. Brown has a prescription for medicinal […]

Chris Brown is still on probation for his 2009 assault on Rihanna and he failed a drug test in September, but despite these facts Breezy was recently captured on stage taking several big puffs from what appears to be a blunt. Chris lit up onstage as the crowd roared in applause during a recent stop […]

ABOTTABAD, PAKISTAN- Holy smoke! According to reports, marijuana plants were found on the outside of Bin Laden’s compound where he was killed. The New York Daily News reports: Reporters at Bin Laden’s million-dollar hideout discovered small plots of marijuana growing in the deserted lots on the compound’s perimeter. The dope plants were planted on three […]