Plus, the average size for women is no longer a 14 and an inmate dies of thirst in jail run by pro-Trump sheriff.

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A.D. Dolphin joined guest host Jeff Johnson on NewsOne Now for this week's installment of Fit!Live!Win! to share how the Dherbs 20-Day Cleanse can help transform your life by naturally cleansing and detoxifying the body to aid in necessary weight release, enhancing the immune system, and increasing your energy levels.

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Former President Jimmy Carter recently revealed he was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors discovered the cancer after he had a mass removed


By Mary-Pat Hector “Phat,” “Chubby,” “Thick,” “Plus Size,” these are words that were indirectly written on my forehead from the day I started grade school. These names not only haunted me as a young girl, constantly engrained in my memories as they sometimes even haunt me presently. Being considered over weight in a size 2 […]

Did you know that there are different types of body fat? According to a new study published in the journal Diabetes, people with higher levels…

The issue of blacks and weight management continues to be a problematic topic. Studies say that four out of five black women are overweight or…

According to the CDC, in 2011, African Americans were 1.5 times as likely to be obese as Non- Hispanic Whites. In particular, African American women…

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In the United States, fat-shaming and fat-phobia are as American as apple pie. While the Black community is more likely to embrace obesity as curvy, that…

Michelle Obama has a new focus for her anti-childhood obesity campaign and it involves pulling out your apron and cookbook! During a recent speech at…

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Fat is Fat, Right? Good Fat vs. Bad Fat Believe it or not, your body actually needs some fat to stay healthy. These fats can help reduce your heart disease risk, manage your moods, fight fatigue and even control your weight.  So the thing is, you don’t need to completely eliminate fat from your diet- […]

Obese black women have a better weight-related quality of life than white women with the same weight, according to a new U.S. study. Headed To NYC For News Year’s Eve? Here’s Your Ultimate Packing Playlist! The researchers found that black women are more likely to be concerned about possible physical limitations caused by overweight and […]

African-Americans frequently look towards race and economic factors as our biggest challenges, but there are self-inflicted problems that are literally killing us. The recent and untimely deaths of Heavy D and Patrice O’Neal has made the health issues that arise from being overweight very hard to ignore. According to HuffPost, obesity is a “full-blown crisis […]