The racist rants of Tea Party spokesman Mark Williams know no limits. Williams continued his attacks on the NAACP with a blog entitled NAACP Resolution: Colored People Change Minds About Emancipation. In the blog he pretends to be Ben Jealous writing a letter to Abraham Lincoln.

Tea Party Express spokesman, Mark Williams has officially hit a new low. On the Wolf Blitzer show, Roland Martin asked Williams to tell racists they were not welcome in the Tea Party. Click here to see how Williams responded.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will propose a resolution this week condemning racism within the tea party movement. Click here for details.

Benjamin L. Hooks, who led of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for 16 years, died Thursday at the age of 85. While best known for leading the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights group, Hooks had a varied career that bridged the often disparate worlds of black and white America. He was also a Baptist minister who headed two churches.

The NAACP recently elected their youngest Board Chairman Roslyn M. Brock. Read her story here.

President Obama promised civil rights leaders on Wednesday to push hard and work with Congress to address the high unemployment rate, particularly among the urban and rural poor. Click here to see who President Obama met with and what they talked about.

In the summer of 1908, the country was shocked by the account of the race riots at Springfield, Illinois. Here, in the home of Abraham Lincoln, a mob containing many of the town's "best citizens," raged for two days, killed and wounded scores of Negroes, and drove thousands from the city. And because of this the NAACP was born.

Judith W. Hanson, the former executive director of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter, was in the Fulton County jail Tuesday on charges that she and an assistant embezzled $275,000 from the venerable civil rights organization. Click here for details.

To find out more about this years NAACP Image Awards continue reading. The theme for this year's award show is One Nation, One Dream.

With <strong>unemployment</strong> among <strong>blacks</strong> at <strong>more than 15 percent</strong>, the <strong>NAACP</strong> has joined several other groups to call on <strong>President Obama</strong> to do more to create jobs.<!--more-->