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John Legend’s new song, “Love Me Now,” is a passionate and bittersweet ballad to a loved one, disguised an upbeat tune that makes you want…

Talented R&B songstress Melanie Fiona has been laying relatively low on the music scene this year, but she recently resurfaced with some inspiring new music and…

Brandy revealed that she had just gotten the news of her brother Ray J's engagement to Princess Love.

On this day in 1985, Run DMC released their classic single (which was featured on the Krush Groove soundtrack), “Can You Rock It Like This?” Play play to take a trip down memory lane.  

Experts are now questioning what levels of solitary confinement are appropriate for inmates and whether this type of punishment is constitutional.

R. Kelly knows how to create a summer anthem. A few months back, the Chicago legend cooked up the perfect joint for summer BBQs, and he’s…

One of rap’s pioneer hip-hop groups celebrates a special milestone today (October 16th). On this day in 1990, RUN DMC released their 5th studio album, Back from Hell on Profile Records. The album produced hits such as “The Ave, ” “Faces” and the anti-drug anthem “Pause.”

About 10 years ago, during my short stint as a model, I was casted in a music video for Goodie Mob. I didn’t play the typical Video Vixen role though. My make up was removed, I put on a house dress and played the role of a teenage mom during a flashback scene. See if […]

On September 9th, 1995, Coolio scored his first number one hit with “Gangsta’s Paradise” from the ‘Dangerous Minds’ movie soundtrack. The song featured a Stevie Wonder sample and catchy hook that left a memorable mark on hip-hop history.  

I was 10 years old when I first heard “My Posse’s on Broadway.” I had NO IDEA what Sir Mix-A-Lot was talking about but I knew the song was JAMMING! It was on this day (September 1st) in 1988, that the world was introduced to “Swass,” Sir Mix-A-Lot’s debut album. Take a trip down memory […]

In 1995 I was entering my senior year in high school. One of the most nostalgic records from that time is the Fugees, “Ready or Not,” released on August 29th, 1995.  The beat was hypnotic and the hook was catchy. Today the song is still a classic and was actually the top song on President […]