Have you ever wanted to go to a theater to see a movie but been frustrated by the options available to you?  It seems like every movie out now is a sequel or a rebooted franchise.

It was 1997 when Love Jones premiered starring budding stars Larenz Tate and Nia Long, and almost 15 years later we’re still jonesin’ for the movie that came to be a definitive portrait of black love. Written and directed by Theodore Witcher, Love Jones was the first in a series of films in the late […]

Today is Veterans Day, the day we honor the end of WWI and all those who fought for freedom. Since many of us have no school or work, here are a few war films that will feel right as you lay on the couch all day. 1. Miracle St. Anna This epic film is about […]

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The vote appeared to be a no-brainer for the Atlanta City Council: Approve a multi-million dollar, 50-year lease to rent out the Lakewood Fairgrounds to EUE/Screen Gems and move Atlanta a step closer to Hollywood.

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