Rap legend and Morehouse College graduate Guru (born Keith Elam) was remembered in his hometown of Boston this weekend. The Gang Starr MC’s memorial was attended my friends, family and musicians. Click here to read about the service.

For you history buffs, The 54 named their band after the first official all black unit in the United States Armed forces during the Civil War, The 54th Regiment. Click here to find out more about the group!

Morehouse College is among the country’s most grueling colleges according to a listing released Thursday by the Huffington Post. The all-male school is the only HBCU listed among the likes of MIT, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, Caltech and the U.S. Naval Academy.

Four Morehouse College students who were kidnapped and carjacked Sunday night used a cell phone to call 911 from the trunk of the car where they were being held, only to be placed on hold by the 911 operator. The students managed to call the Morehouse College police department.

13 year old Stephen Stafford II is able to recognize his dream at young age, thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King. See what great things this young man is doing at Morehouse College.

The <strong>driver</strong> of the <strong>bus</strong> that crashed last month carrying <strong>Morehouse College</strong> band students has <strong>died</strong>, authorities said. <!--more-->

<strong>State officials</strong> have opened an <strong>investigation</strong> into the company that owned the <strong>bus</strong> that rolled over Saturday with <strong>Morehouse College</strong> band students on board. <!--more-->

Students at the <strong>Atlanta University Center</strong> united to become a family and rejoiced yesterday that all the people that were involved in Saturday morning’s <strong>bus accident</strong> survived. Only one <strong>Morehouse College</strong> student was seriously hurt and remains at <strong>Grady Memorial Hospital.</strong> <!--more-->