Check out our gallery of celeb couples whose love didn't last forever.

Looks like Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend, Meek Mill, are going strong. Or at least that's what their Instagram accounts suggest.

Nicki Minaj said that Meek Mill‘s eating habits may have been responsible for the suspicious results of his recent drug test. When Nicki took the stand for her man on Thursday, she vouched for his conduct. He was in court this week for violating the terms of his probation in a drug and gun case. […]

This is what happens when you bring Twitter memes to real life. There are some shows where you can taunt the performing rapper by repping a…

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“James I got yo letter/ It came to me today/ You said I could have my baby back/ But I don’t want her that way/…

Uh oh. Drake responded to Meek Mill's accusations that he doesn't write his own raps with a new track.

This is why your mama said don't talk about things you don't know about.

Riley Curry was having the best day ever as she turned 3 years old today! Just days after welcoming her baby sister Ryan into the world, Riley had so much to celebrate that she couldn’t help but break out her best Nae Nae. If the heat wasn’t already enough to melt your heart, this video […]