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Drake has finally responded to Meek Mill’s accusations that he does’t write his own raps. Last week, Mill went on a Twitter rant that nobody asked for, accusing Drake of using a ghostwriter. The rant caused many people to side-eye him, and reportedly almost lost him his dream girl girlfriend – Nicki Minaj – who everyone and their mother knows, has a very close friendship with Drake.

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Since the Twitter incident, everyone has been wondering how Drake would respond to the accusations. The man who was rumored to be Drake’s ghostwriter, posted a Tumblr note about it – reiterating that he does not in fact write Drake’s raps. On Saturday, Drake premiered the new track, and although he didn’t name any names, it’s pretty obvious who some of the disses are directed at.

To listen to the entire track, check out the link below:

Some of the lines possibly aimed at Mill include:

“I stay silent ’cause we’re at war and I’m very patient;

God is watching;

I just hope you’re prepared to face him;

I’m charged up.”

“Cops are killing people with their arms up.

And your main focus is trying to harm us?

And you think you about to starve us?”

And of course there are these line that are probably shots fired at Mill’s and Minaj’s relationship:

“Rumor has it I either f*cked her or never could.

But ‘rumor has it’ hasn’t done you niggas any good.”

“No woman ever had me star struck;

Or was able to tell me to get my bars up.”

Mill definitely took notice, as he tweeted the following:

The drama and shade continues.


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