Kris Jenner took it back to the Roaring 20s to celebrate her 60th birthday!

In today's BUZZ: Khloe and James Harden are still a thing; Olivier does not want custody war and Kandi & Phaedra can't get along.


  President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, Mama Mariane Robinson, Bo and Sunny may be America’s First Family, but Cosmopolitan…

A fan snatched Kylie Jenner's hair at Breezy's concert and it looked like it hurt Ouch!

Tyga‘s attempt to show off for Kylie Jenner‘s birthday (and shake off reports of his financial struggles) may have just blown up in his face. Remember that expensive car Tyga presented Kylie for her 18th birthday? She might want to hold off on writing him a Thank You note for that. There are whispers that […]

Apparently the red Mercedes Benz-G Wagon Tyga gave to Kylie Jenner for her 18th birthday belonged to Blac Chyna first.

Check out these pictures from Kylie Jenner’s birthday dinner, where Kris and Caityln Jenner took their first picture together!

Amber Rose is re-thinking that nasty spat she had with the entire Kardashian clan. The model read the Kardashians for filth after Khloé Kardashian came for her on Twitter. The exchange got so bad that Khloé eventually had to just back off. Amber has got a long history of beefing with the Kardashians that goes […]

Joan and Erika Smalls dealt out buckets of style, grace and life in their amazing ad for Balmain’s Fall line. You’ve probably already gotten a peak at the collection this week since Kendall and Kylie Jenner had their fans in a tizzy with their ad. That was cute or whatever. The competitive look Kendall is […]