There are many opinions that can be had about the state re-opening on Friday, but one thing that is a result of the Governor’s actions is that he said testing for COVID-19 would be better accessible. As of April 23rd, 4 new testing sites are available. Those sites are: Greenbriar Mall (2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW, […]

A Kennesaw State University student that was seeking advice from his academic advisor instead ended up being accused of harassment by the school’s director of advising. The 30-second video, uploaded by student Kevin Bruce, shows him visiting the school’s student advising office and being told by school director of advising Abby Dawson that waiting for […]

Hours after being released from jail, a Kennesaw State University student who has become the focus of an immigration debate told supporters and reporters “I never thought I was going to be caught up in this messed-up system.” Jessica Colotl said that she is evaluating whether to return to school and hoping that proposed national immigration reforms will help her stay in the country.

Cobb County authorities are looking to re-arrest Jessica Colotl, the Kennesaw State University senior and illegal immigrant at the center of a growing controversy. Colotl – who was caught driving without a license, sent to an immigration detention center and released last week – was 10 years old when her parents brought her to the U.S. from Mexico.

Three college students are recovering after barely surviving a dare that turned into a dangerous swim in a creek near Atlanta. The incredible rescue was caught on tape.