One of music’s biggest nights, the Grammy Awards, will be happening in less than two weeks, so who will be hitting the stage this year to perform?

50 Cent is weighing in on who has had the bigger impact on Hip Hop debate: Jay-Z or Eminem.

The Carters are making history yet again.

Fans got an unexpected surprise when photos of Beyoncé and JAY Z’s 5 month old twins Sir and Rumi Carter surfaced over the weekend. This is the twins’ first public sighting since their mom’s epic Instagram reveal in July when they were only one month old. Also Check Out : Southern Living: Beyoncé & Jay Z Had […]

Well.. he really didn’t..unless your Mom loves a great mix of music. Check this playlist out: John Mayer – Still Feel Like Your Man Malcolm McLaren – World’s Famous Pharrell ft. Jay-Z – Frontin Jade – I Wanna Love You Tryezz – Cruise Control Koffee Brown – The After Party 7.. Rojai & E. Live […]

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From "03 Bonnie & Clyde" to "Shining," we've watched their love story grow.

The rapper turned business mogul will expand his assets even further.

Blue Ivy was chilling on a balcony in NOLA when she was spotted by some fans, but it’s her reaction that has the Internet laughing out loud. The short clip of Blue is already being turned into a meme. And the Internet is undefeated. RELATED STORIES: Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy’s Family […]

Follow MAJIC On Twitter: You know Jay Z and Beyonce couldn’t leave you without some new music after the Grammy awards. The Husband and Wife joins DJ Khaled for the new track “Shining” which will appear on the social media king’s new album “Grateful.” Khaled wasn’t playing when he said this might be his best work. […]

Chance The Rapper was the real MVP of the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday.

The superstar's father was reportedly blind sided by the Internet breaking announcement.