Plus, St. Paul high school creates scholarship in honor of Philando Castile and a 6.2-magnitude earthquake in central Italy kills at least 159.

Jay and Bey know how to keep it fresh and adventurous.

Why did a woman in Utah.. who was about to cook for a church dinner….. open a can of green beans… and put them in a slow cooker…. then she saw something with eyes….  she scooped it out and realized the was the severed head of a snake For more information on the Funk Dats, […]

As Kobe Bryant continues his bittersweet retirement tour around the league, it's clear that a lot of people don't want him to leave.

A 2009 incident with an Italian photographer has come back to haunt supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Beyonce and Jay-Z could have been anywhere in the world to celebrate her 30th birthday today (September 4th), but where did they go? They could have jetted down south to Beyonce hometown of Houston. Or they could have opted to stay put in New York. But Mr. and Mrs. Carter headed overseas for her big […]

More than a thousand African workers were put aboard buses and trains in southern Italy over the weekend and shipped out to immigrant detention centers, following some of the country’s worst riots in years. The clashes began Thursday night in Rosarno, a working-class city amid citrus groves in Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, after a legal immigrant from Togo was lightly wounded in a pellet-gun attack in a nearby city.