Idris Elba & Robb Stark star in an action-packed trailer for their upcoming movie, "Bastille Day," and more.

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The NAACP Image Awards will air live this Friday at 9/8c on TV One and all this week on NewsOne Now, an expert panel will share our predictions on who will take home the trophies.

The big winners from the 2016 SAG Awards ranged in race, as Hollywood clearly plans to acknowledge talent and not color preference.

Idris Elba said he left the U.K. in the 90s for the U.S. in order to be taken seriously as an actor worthy of leading roles in TV and film.

The author of the upcoming James Bond novel has issued an apology for dismissing Idris Elba for the spy role by calling him "too street."

People really want Idris Elba to play James Bond. We’ve told you this time and time and time again. But the actor has said that’s…

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David Oyelowo is technically the new Bond.

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Idris Elba just made history as the first man to cover Maxim solo for the magazine’s September issue. Notorious for showcasing scantily clad women, it appears the mag chose…

Many people probably finished this season of Orange Is The New Black by now. Season four isn’t coming until next year, but the good news is that Netflix…