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After getting slammed on Twitter for her endorsement of Mitt Romney for president, actress Stacey Dash sat down with Piers Morgan on CNN to discuss the backlash and explain why she’s casting her vote for Romney. We agree that Dash should be able to vote for whoever she chooses and not be attacked for it, but […]

Can Mitt Romney turn a losing summer and so far lackluster fall around in a single debate performance? It’s a premise that’s been purposely peddled in punditry in an effort to build suspense for the first of three debates between the Republican presidential challenger and President Barack Obama. It makes more sense to promote the presidential debate like […]

First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Steve Harvey Show today and spoke with Steve about everything from the election and the White House to why she married President Obama and the First Daughters dating. Check out highlights from the show below: Steve Harvey welcomes Michelle Obama: Why the First Lady married President Obama: Michelle […]

The Jewish Council on Research and Education released a hilarious new ad this morning featuring legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson. In the funny clip the movie star reads a profanity-laced story to a passive family about the importance of campaigning for President Barack Obama with more gusto. Check it out! RELATED: Wyclef Jean On RNC Convention […]

A lot of people were confused when they heard Wyclef Jean, a Barack Obama supporter, would be performing at an event at the recent Republican National Convention. For unknown reasons ‘Clef did not perform and was replaced by country singer Sara Evans. In an exclusive interview with Majic 107.5 / 97.5, Wyclef tried to explain […]

With Election Day getting closer and closer, we thought we would pose some questions to our audience. Check out the following polls and let us know what you think! RELATED: Register To Vote! Deadline: October 9th President Barack Obama On The SHMS: “We’ve Got A Huge Choice In This Election” [EXCLUSIVE] Barack Obama: “I’m No […]

President Barack Obama was exclusively on The Steve Harvey Morning Show talking about what’s at stake during this election, voter registration deadlines and early voting. He also discussed Obamacare (“I like Obamacare,” he said) Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney and more. Head to gottaregister.com and gottavote.com or a local Obama office to register to vote! Listen […]


At turns, both humble and confident, sober and humorous, President Barack Obama walked out to an adoring crowd at the Democratic National Convention waiting with baited breath to hear him reassure them that everything would be okay. They needed to hear from him that not only did he believe in America’s possibility, but that he […]

In an electrifying speech, former President Bill Clinton declared last night at the Democratic National Convention that President Barack Obama inherited a wreck of an economy, “put a floor under the crash” and laid the foundation for millions of good new jobs. Conceding that many struggling in a slow-recovery economy don’t yet feel the change, […]


When First Lady Michelle Obama stepped on to the stage at the Time Warner Cable Arena, the energy at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina became electric. Poised and prepared, with a clear agenda to remind voters of just why they voted in 2008 for her husband, President Barack Obama, she laid it […]

In what was easily the most bizarre moment of the Republican National Convention, veteran actor/director Clint Eastwood delivered a largely incoherent, rambling speech that was supp0sed to be an endorsement of Mitt Romney. Instead,Eastwood mainly argued with an empty stool, which was supposed to be President Obama. Watch Eastwood’s speech below: SOURCE RELATED: Register To […]

The excitement of the Democratic National Convention is having an impact on everyone in the community – even kids. Three Gastonia (NC) brothers, known collectively…