Dedication and commitment transform dreams into reality. – Anon Reaching your goal requires you to finish the work, despite the challenges and obstacles along the way. Don’t stop when it gets hard. Commit to your dream until it becomes a reality.

“Failure is a bruise, NOT a tattoo.” – Jon Sinclair Remember, mistakes don’t define you but how you overcome them does. It’s okay to fall down, but it’s not okay to STAY down. Don’t let temporary defeat keep you from you dream.

“Stop dreaming, start doing.” – Anon Inspiration is the seed but only action will bring your dream to life. Don’t waste too much time contemplating your next move. Instead, ACT on what you want!

“One man’s opinion does not have to become your reality.” – Les Brown Don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t support your dream. Remember, you can’t fuel your journey on the opinions of others. Instead, surround yourself with those who encourage you and do what makes YOU happy.

“If you’re tired of starting over then stop giving up.” – Author Unknown Remember, success requires you to hold on, even when you might want to let go. Don’t let setbacks stop you from pursuing your dream. Instead, keep going until you accomplish your goal!

“Fear is the enemy of success.” – Anon Doubt will delay your dream. Don’t let fear stand between you and the life you want. Instead, focus on a positive outcome and pursue it with confidence!

“Forget the reasons it won’t work and believe the reason it will.” – Unknown If you want your life to change, put more energy into your dreams than your fears. Do something each day that will bring you closer to the life you want.

“If you are going to doubt anything, doubt your limits.” – Author Unknown Remember, doubt destroys more dreams than failure. As a matter of fact, self-confidence is the foundation for success because in order to accomplish anything, you have start with believing you can. Don’t let doubt block you from being your best. Instead, remind […]

“Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” – Maori Proverb Remember, what you get has a lot to do with what you expect. This is why you should always focus on the positive. Don’t let fear of the unknown discourage you from going after what you want. Instead, approach […]

“Every great accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – Author Unknown Dreams aren’t designed to intimidate you, but challenge you to be better. Remember, the only shots you miss are the ones you don’t take. Every great accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.” – Author Unknown There may be bumps in the road, but you should never let one obstacle keep you from pursuing your dream. Remember, the things worth having don’t come easy. Success is not always a matter of smart or talented you are, sometimes it’s simply a […]

“Dedication transforms dreams into reality.” – M.Collins You don’t always get what you “wish” for but you do get what you work for. Once you commit to your goal, your hard work will release it’s reward. Dedication transforms dreams into reality.