Why did a man in Oregon order a teriyaki chicken sandwich from Subway and find a surprise…. the man turned and got his drink and the employees appeared shocked…  There was a dead mouse in the sandwich….  he was apparently in the container used for storing the spinach…. Funk Dat   Chicken Teriyaki…. not chicken, […]

If you are in a financial hole, the last thing you want is for that hole to get even deeper. While you are working to pay off debt, be sure to talk to your creditors. Communication is key and most creditors will give you lower payment options and even refund overcharged interest. But you won’t […]

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On Tuesday, Financial guru Deborah Owens joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to show you how not to go broke this holiday season. Owens told…

New changes in how credit card charges and payments will be handled will go into affect next week. To find out what these changes are continue reading.<!--more-->