Why did Nephew Tommy do something like this as a prank call… but this is real…. Why did  the family of 2 year old twins in Vietnam… decide to get DNA tests done on the children… one has thick hair, the other… thin…. according to the scientists…. the twins have different fathers For more information […]

Why did an officer in uniform check on a door that was propped open…. the officer who is in his 20s… said once he walked in he was greeted with cheers by the guests who were mostly women….  Turns out it was a 50th birthday party and the guests thought he was a stripper Director Of Daycare […]

Why did the border patrol seize almost 2500 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside fake carrots that were tossed in with real ones…. The carrots were shipped in from Mexico For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below GA Legislators Try Again To Split Fulton Into 2 Counties Company Makes Life Sized […]

Why did a woman in New York keep missing her panties….    so she set up a concealed iPhone with a motion sensing app and found the building superintendent sniffing and stealing her Victoria Secret underwear from her apartment For more information on the Funk Dats, click on each link below Baby Left At Nativity […]

A Georgia father was forced to go into full superhero mode after his fiancée’s Kia SUV was carjacked with his 8-year-old in the backseat, ABC News reports. Malcolm Millones was…

As a parent, nothing brings me more joy than taking pictures of my daughter. I literally have hundreds of pictures/videos of all her most precious…

Seth Jackson, 29, of Wichita, Kansas has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his 10-month-old foster child, a girl the family called Anna.…

  Can you truly be happy for them, when the love of your life Moves On….and you have a child together.  Please post your comments below.


Usher testified Monday morning against his ex-wife Tameka Foster in the midst of a heated custody battle. The Atlanta singer told the judge Tameka Foster threw a jealous fit and turned violent. He testified she hit him, threw food at and spit on his girlfriend when they showed up at her house. He said on […]

Ne-Yo revealed he’s having a baby girl with his girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, and they've narrowed down a name for the little one. He's also child proofing his home and buying new vehicles to accommodate his new lifestyle.

A Seattle writer is angry beyond words, because late last month his 8-year-old child was removed from her honors elementary school class. No, the child did not misbehave. Instead, the little girl was guilty of using a hair moisturizer that allegedly annoyed her Caucasian teacher.