After winning his fifth NBA title last night, a reporter asked the Los Angeles Lakers MVP what the championship meant to him “individually” and he replied, “I’ve got one more than Shaq.” The room erupted in laughter but Bryant followed up with,”You can take that to the bank. You guys know me. I don’t forget anything.”

It’s been over a decade since R&B singers Monica and Brandy had their monster hit “The Boy Is Mine. ” Now, in an interview with, Monica has revealed that a followup to the tune may be in the works.

Jamie Foxx & his Foxxhole Radio crew came out with guns blazing as they fired back at shock jock Howard Stern. It all started when the Foxxhole Radio crew went at Howard and his team for comments Stern made in regards to Gabourey Sidibe’s weight, health, and future (or lackthereof) in Hollywood.