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STATEWIDE — By now, you have likely seen companies hoping to hire more employees. Well, you may continue to notice “Help Wanted” signs, as a recent study shows that fewer Hoosiers are quitting their jobs.

Research collected by SelectSoftware Reviews indicates that fewer people are leaving their positions in Indiana than in most other states. Between 2022 and 2023, the workforce’s resignation rate dropped by a third, or 33.3%.

Idaho, Colorado, and Michigan were also among the top 10 states whose businesses retained employees. Continue reading for a list of those states.

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1. Idaho, -48.9% Change

Idaho, -48.9% Change Source:Getty

2. Colorado, -37.9% Change

Colorado, -37.9% Change Source:Getty

3. Michigan, -37.5% Change

Michigan, -37.5% Change Source:Getty

4. Wyoming, -35.7% Change

Wyoming, -35.7% Change Source:Getty

5. Hawaii, -34.6% Change

Hawaii, -34.6% Change Source:Getty

6. Indiana/New Mexico/Arizona, -33.3% Change

Indiana/New Mexico/Arizona, -33.3% Change Source:Getty

7. Oregon, -30.8% Change

Oregon, -30.8% Change Source:Getty

8. Kentucky, -30.3% Change

Kentucky, -30.3% Change Source:Getty

9. Alaska, -30.2% Change

Alaska, -30.2% Change Source:Getty

10. Washington, -29.2% Change

Washington, -29.2% Change Source:Getty