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In 1993, De La Soul, the energetic and unique hip-hop trio, revealed their third album, “Buhloone Mindstate,” marking another important piece in the genre of hip-hop. With its release, De La Soul continued to challenge hip-hop, pushing boundaries and expanding the possibilities of what rap music can and eventually would be.

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Buhloone Mindstate” showed off De La Soul’s lyrical abilities and their ability to create socially conscious and thought-provoking lyrics. The album’s production consisted of jazzy and laid-back beats, different from the sample-heavy sound of their previous work. The group collaborated with jazz legends like Maceo Parker and Melvin Van Peebles who added their unique sounds to the tracks, creating a rich and toneful piece.

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Both critics and fans loved “Buhloone Mindstate” for its thoughtful themes, clever wordplay, and amazing production. The album placed De La Soul amongst the pioneers of alternative hip-hop, displaying their task to poetic experimentation and their ability to follow through on complex subject matters. “Buhloone Mindstate” remains a statement, proving De La Soul’s long influence on the genre. Check out the album below!

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1. De La Soul – Paul’s Revenge – Skit (Official Audio)

2. De La Soul – Intro (Official Audio)

3. De La Soul – Long Island Wildin’ (Official Audio) ft. SCHA DARA PARR, Takagi Kan

4. De La Soul – Area (Official Audio)

5. De La Soul – Eye Patch (Official Audio)

6. De La Soul – I Am I Be (Official Audio) ft. Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis

7. De La Soul – Breakadawn (Official Audio)

8. De La Soul – In The Woods (Official Audio) ft. Shortie No Mass

9. De La Soul – 3 Days Later (Official Audio)

10. De La Soul – Dave Has a Problem…Seriously (Official Audio)

11. Patti Dooke (Official Audio)

12. De La Soul – I Be Blowin’ (Official Audio) ft. Maceo Parker

13. De La Soul – Stone Age (Official Audio) ft. Biz Markie

14. De La Soul – En Focus (Official Audio) ft. Dres, Shortie No Mass

15. De La Soul – Ego Trippin’ (Part Two) (Official Audio) ft. Shortie No Mass

16. De La Soul – Sh.Fe.MC’s (Official Audio) ft. A Tribe Called Quest

17. De La Soul – Lovely How I Let My Mind Float (Official Lyric Video) ft. Biz Markie

18. De La Soul – Mindstate (Official Audio)