On Thursday, <strong>Rihanna's</strong> first televised interview since her assault at the hands of former boyfriend <strong>Chris Brown</strong> in February will air. Excerpts of the interview were released today. Click here for details. <!--more-->

Listen to <strong>Steve Harvey's</strong> inspirational message. He encourages all of us to "be grateful." Click below to hear the message. <!--more-->

Co-host, comedienne, actress and author <strong>Sherri Shepherd</strong> was our special guest today on <strong>"The Steve Harvey Morning Show."</strong> Click below to hear what happened. <!--more-->

Read the <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong> from today's <strong>"Steve Harvey Morning Show</strong> and listen to <strong>Shirley</strong> and Steve's response. <!--more-->

On Wednesday, superstar <strong>Mariah Carey</strong> will sit down for a rare one-on-one with <strong>Larry King</strong> on <strong>CNN</strong>. She opens up on her latest album, finding love, and starring in <strong>Oprah's</strong> movie, <strong>"Precious,"</strong> which debuts November 6. <!--more-->

The <strong>2009 Soul Train Awards</strong> will tape today at the <strong>Georgia World Congress Center</strong>, with actors <strong>Terrence Howard</strong> and <strong>Taraji P. Henson</strong> as hosts. Click below for a complete list of nominees. <!--more-->

<strong>Michael Jackson's "This Is It"</strong> took the number 1 spot over the weekend, earning an astonishing <strong>$101 million</strong> worldwide.<!--more-->

R&B diva <strong>Beyoncé</strong> will be hitting fans with a pair of major releases and a <strong>TV special</strong> just in time for the holiday season. First up is the November 23 release of <strong>“I Am … Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas</strong>, a two-disc live CD/DVD compilation recorded earlier this year at the hotel/casino.<!--more-->

<strong>Local elections</strong> can be just as important to you and your families' welfare as state and national contests. Vote now instead of complaining later. <strong>Polls are open 7 AM Tuesday, November 3, 2009 until 7 PM.</strong> Make sure you're voice is heard! <!--more-->

Students at the <strong>Atlanta University Center</strong> united to become a family and rejoiced yesterday that all the people that were involved in Saturday morning’s <strong>bus accident</strong> survived. Only one <strong>Morehouse College</strong> student was seriously hurt and remains at <strong>Grady Memorial Hospital.</strong> <!--more-->

Private sessions with <strong>Clairvoyant Dorothea</strong> will begin at noon today, so have your name and birth date ready so Dorothea can take a look into your future. Read more details below.<!--more-->