For the sistas' that spent this romantic holiday alone, I wanna know, "Did you die and are you the reason you're unlucky in love?"

Someone please cue up Girl for Michelle Williams because it might be her turn to evaluate her relationship. We’ve all seen the viral clips of Michelle and her fiance Chad Johnson talking through a recent disagreement that turned ugly when Chad got offended by a racial comment made by Michelle. The former Destiny’s Child singer […]

Yesterday we shared our conversation with sexpert Glamazon Tyomi regarding penis size and why it matters. Today we’re delving into why it shouldn’t. Via insights from our audience and personal anecdotes from our hosts, we discuss the myth of the big Black d-ck, why women always think bigger is better, and how to navigate an […]

Even though most exes do the 'make up to break up' dance for years, maybe there is a lesson to be gleaned from Issa's decisiveness.

Is he guilty for sending the "WYD" text, or are we guilty for responding?

"The Womb" is wonderful because it specifically centers my womanhood and allows me to think and make decisions from that vantage point first." Kola Boof says of her faith.

"When I come home I just want peace. It's easier to be peaceful with people that have an easier life."

Idris Elba's girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre is serving on the red carpet, on the arm of one of the most desired men in Hollywood.


Being married does not make any of us better than the next. But if I knew Ciara and, I were able to ask her, I think she would agree with me when I say: it makes ME better.

We look back on couples who made Black love look so good this year.