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Beyonce Sued Over Underwear She Wore In “Video Phone” Clip


A Bulgarian designer has sued Beyonce over a bootleg version of their bikini that she wore in her “Video Phone” music video. Watch it here! A German judge agreed, ruling that the clip can no longer be distributed in Germany.

In what has to be one of the more bizarre copyright disputes, the underwear manufacturer Triumph sued Sony because Beyoncé was wearing copyright-infringing underwear in her music video “Video Phone.”

The design in question is by Bulgarian designer Iskren Lozanov. The 7th Civil Chamber of the Landgericht Munich upheld an ex parte injunction barring Sony from distributing the “Video Phone” clip in Germany.

Triumph argued Beyoncé was wearing an unauthorized reproduction of the Iskren Lozanov design. Sony countered that both designs were inspired by Picasso, but otherwise, there were few similarities. The judge disagreed, saying the Lozanov design was highly original and enjoyed a wide scope of protection.

Lozanov said: “My collection was based on Picasso’s painting ‘Girl In Front of a Mirror’ and it would be just beyond belief for someone else to have had exactly the same idea and inspiration separately. I tried writing to Sony to ask them to just acknowledge my work and they did not even bother to send me a reply.”


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