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Strawberry Letter 23: Groping and Grabbing

Good Morning all,

I’m writing this letter for a little advice. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year. Everything is great besides the fact that I have a major problem with him groping and grabbing me on my butt and placing his hands in between my legs every chance he gets.

I have discussed the matter with him but to no avail. I have told him several times that this does not turn me on sexually and only makes me feel like a piece of meat when he does that. I have also explained to him that when I was younger, I was sexually harassed by a family member and that every time he touches me in that manner, it only brings back memories of what happened to me. He only touches me that way when we are in the privacy of our home.

He always says that he does it because he adores my body/physique and that he has never been with another woman that looks so amazing. I have explained to him that women should not be treated like that. He often grabs or touches me every time I pass by him or have my back turned. I often find him staring at my body parts and its becoming a bit annoying. I don’t even like to undress in front of him because he makes me feel uncomfortable. Is this normal or am I making too big of a deal about it?