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Strawberry Letter 23: Is This The Way It Is!

Good Morning Steve, Shirley, Carla, Nephew Tommy:

I am a 42 year old female, I have been married for 2 years, this is my first marriage. This is his 3rd marriage. He says he is more mature now that’s why his other marriages did not work. Ok the problem is I believe my husband is being unfaithful, this is why he came home with lipstick and foundation on his work shirt, 2nd he came home his clothes smelled just like SEX bad sex!

3rd and the last straw for me is I came home from work, he kissed me like he always does and his breath smelled like an unclean woman. Of course he denies everything. His favorite saying is I do not know what you talking about. I know I am not crazy but I just cannot take his lies anymore.

I am a Christian and so is he but this Stinks

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