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On December 11th, I was invited to be on the panel for the live taping of “Sistah Talk TV”, a Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) public access show, where the invited guest were very strong opinionated black women debating the political  pros and cons of President Obama and former Governor Sarah Palin.

I did my best to stay centered as the show escalated to a very heated debate. The panel consisted of two other guests (Pictured above) : Penwah Phynjuar (singer/actress/comedienne/mother of late actress, Michelle Thomas /Pro-President Obama), and Adrienne Ross (Sarah Palin supporter). The co-hosts are Dietra Kelsey and Shawn Seymour Gipson.

The Exective Producer, Zakkee Z. Starman, advised me that the show would need me and my Yoga Flava to be a calming factor, due to the fact that there would be two strong conflicting personalities on the panel; Ms. Phynjuar and Ms. Ross.  The Moderator Dietra Kelsey did her best to keep a level playing field.  Shawn Seymour Gipson , Co-host and long time friend of Ms. Ross,  presented detailed statistics opposing Palin policies.  The biggest flames of fire came mainly from Ms. Penwah, whose pro-President Obama and passionate disapproval expressed such comments to Ms. Ross as “sell-out, a “Kizzie,” and “not Black enough.”

Ms. Ross stayed cool under fire and remained a firm supporter of Sarah Palin polices.  Sitting next to Ms. Penwah, I occasionally reached out and held her hand, as she requested that I breath with her (she is a bit of a comedian –  lol)  I was able to cool everyone down at the end of the show to reflect the sense of harmony that comes from different points of views.

Check out the clip with excerpts from the hour long show Sistah Talk TV Show for yourself.  l’d really love to get your opinion, in the “comment” box below:

With an attitude of gratitude – sending positive and prosperous vibes to Elev8Robin Downes

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