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For a long time Las Vegas, LA & NY have been powerhouse markets for primetime boxing. Now Atlanta is creeping up on the “big three” with a slew of major boxing events and independent promoters throwing highly successful shows to boot. If we track back to 2021 when Gervonta “Tank” Davis also known as Abdul Wahid, one of the biggest stars in all of boxing, put on a career-defining performance on SHOWTIME PPV from the award-winning in a sold out and star studded State Farm Arena in Atlanta. The scene was set for huge things to come in the realm of prize fights within 285. That atmosphere is burning even brighter with the onset of OTX boxing. This venture is quoted to bring the next generation of boxers and boxing fans, future world champions and a platform unlike any other, and provide our massive digital community unparalleled access, bringing them closer to the sport. Atlanta is also known for it’s star power with many entertainment labels, music service headquarters and major movie production soundstages. This seems to load the board to host celebrity boxing matches as well, as they climb to fame.

The first weekend of Spring kicks off Friday with a major showdown at the OTE Arena featuring a high powered card and A-List ring side commentary and build up from boxing broadcast superstars AK & Barak. The following day an independent showdown will feature two of the most dynamic and explosive fighters, Hot Rod & K. Champ, as they make their 2024 debut at Atrium in the heart of Atlanta.

Stay tuned Atlanta, the gloves are on and it looks like they aren’t comin off anytime soon!

Check out Reec’s exclusive interview with Hotrod & K.Champ fresh off their public media workout: