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Where do I even begin? Well, first things first I’m a Doja Cat fan so if you’re looking for a bash post — this isn’t it. But I have a genuine question to ask… what is going on with Doja Cat?

Doja Cat released the visuals to her song Paint The Town Red, today, with depictions of the grim reaper and herself with Baphomet horns.

Doja Cat’s musical production goes unscathed and she’s still roaring with combustible talent but her latest visuals have fans throwing up the father, son, and holy ghost. Doja, real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, has always been a little spooky and we love her for that. How could one not find the unmitigated glory in trapping a sexy bearded Kofi Siriboe in our web like she did in the red-hot visuals for Street (that also inspired the viral silhouette challenge)? Or how she bodied her rap verse (yes, rap) on The City Girls’ P*ssy Talk. She promoted girl power in the tribal-inspired Woman. And owned the headlines with a stylish press run straight to the Grammys where we watched her charming acceptance speech after she ran from the bathroom just to accept her award. Doja has given us many gems and her star was just hitting orbit when something seemed to change. 

Doja Cat Loses Followers

In one of the oddest artist decisions of all time, the Paint The Town Red performer lost more than half a million followers on social media, according to BuzzfeedNews, after she declared she doesn’t love her fans because she doesn’t know them. The awkward Twitter exchange, with a fan, ended with Doja refusing to tell her fans she loves them. “i don’t though cuz i don’t even know yall,” she tweeted. She also called her fans, “creepy” and told them to “get a job” I

doja cat and sza grammys

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Things seemingly shifted, on Doja Cat’s social media, in April when she shared a drawing by Fortunio Liceti with the caption, “your fear is not my problem.” The energy on her page — once vibrant images at fashion week — became shadowy and dark. The cover art for her song Attention was straight out of a horror show. We heard of bloody shoes, but bloody red contacts and a skeleton tattoo across the back? At first, fans felt in on the joke, but the majority of her comments are concerned. “Posts seem very satanic lately,” one commenter wrote. “Very disturbing,” wrote another.

Doja’s artistry has always been multi-faceted and profound, is she being subversive to spark ire? Doja isn’t the only artist to face controversy surrounding their new aesthetic. Sam Smith was called out by conservatives for his Unholy performance at the 2023 Grammys.

Lil Uvi Vert, who often makes headlines for their satanic appearance, denied worshipping Satan. In an interview with TMZ, he coyly responded “No,” when asked.

It’s hard to decipher if these artists are simply trolling the sector of the Internet who believe in the Illuminati or truly down to dance with the devil.

What say you? Is Doja pulling the strings?


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