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According to TMZ, producer Tim “Timbaland” Mosley was pursued by the L.A County Sheriff’s department as a possible suicide.

Law enforcement officials said that Mosley was allegedly distraught over the theft of a $2 million watch and went driving in his Escalade. When family members could not find him they called the Sheriff’s Department.

Some time later a police helicopter located Timbaland and he was pulled over and questioned. Eventually Tim was taken back to his home in a patrol car, evaluated by paramedics and determined not to be a threat to himself.

Given that this is the ninth anniversary of Aaliyah’s death it’s certainly understandable that Tim would be upset, but suicide seems a bit suspect. Furthermore, the idea of one of Forbe’s Top 10 richest rapperswanting to kill himself over a gaudy watch seems even more ludicrous.

Timbaland’s rep could not be reached for comment.


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