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Strawberry Letter 23: I Blew Up Over My Daughter….Was I Wrong

Hey Shirley, Steve, and the morning crew,

My was soon to be boyfriend and I just had a really big argument the other night all because he told me that I wasnt a “good catch.” It started off with him saying how much he enjoys the time we spend together and how much really likes me and wants to move forward with a relationship with me.

Then he starts telling me how good of a catch he is because he has no children, never been married, has a good job, etc. And I agreed with him on that. Then he says “you on the other hand, youre not a good catch because you have baggage.”

So I asked was he referring to my daughter and he said yes. Now I do have a 3 year old daughter, however I DO NOT repeat DO NOT have baby daddy drama. Thats one thing I promised my self I would not have. And he has never experience any baby daddy drama from me. So I started to get upset and started yelling telling him to never refer my to my daughter as baggage and that I was a good catch.

Being a mom doesn’t mean I have baggage or Im not a good catch. I have a great job, my own side business, I have a condo that I own, I pay my bills by myself, I have a bachelors degree and working on a masters. And thats what makes me a great catch! So was I wrong to blow up at him like that? He says it wasnt a bad thing he was saying, just the truth and any man would agree.

Please help me understand this one.