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The days of going to the movies have changed. Not only due to the pandemic, but streaming platforms rule EVERYTHING around us. And there are a lot of creatives that are able to make their own lane in the entertainment industry due to streaming platforms becoming accessible for film makers from all backgrounds.

Today, Sam Sirmons had the opportunity to speak to the director (Rhyan LaMarr) & main cast members (Don Benjamin, Tosin Morohunfola, Wesley “Wuz Good” Armstrong, & Terrance J) of the next movie to be released exclusively on BET+, “North Of The 10” on February 10th.

Inside the interview:

  • the premise of the movie
  • significance of it being on BET+
  • what the “North Of The 10” means 
  • TikTok dancing being merged with martial arts
  • mental health impact of social media

From the movie’s official press release:

Five friends struggling to succeed during the dawn of social media put their talents together to become viral stars and wind up influencing the millennial generation.

North of the 10 sees five struggling, but extremely talented, friends grow their own social media empire out of necessity through the reliability of their friendship. Their success is a team effort and each individual entry into their chosen professions in the worlds of modeling, acting, gourmet cooking, dancing and gaming but each profession offers its own hurdles. It’s Knocked Up / Superbad for the social media era era – a hangout movie about creative people trying to make it on their own, finding strength in unity, and inviting the world to join them.

To follow the cast & director on social media: @terrancej, @tosinmorohunfola, @wuzgood, @donbenjamin, & @rhyanlamarr.