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DJ, influencer, and beauty entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman has made a solid the name for herself, despite her attachment to her infamous father Edgar Bronfman Jr., the former CEO of Warner Music Group and Seagram. She’s positioned herself as one of the top American DJs, an expert in the health and wellness space, and now the 33-year-old mother is giving us a lesson on the importance of great oral hygiene.

Bronfman lost her front teeth in a horrible bike riding accident. The incident left her with an infection that reframed how she viewed dental care. “Ever since my bike accident in 2015 where I broke my four front teeth, I’ve been hyper aware of how my oral health affects my overall wellness,” said Bronfman. “Replenishing minerals in our body is super important and our oral health deserves the same love, which is why I choose Pronamel Mineral Boost toothpaste.”

Bronfman partnered with Pronamel® Mineral Boost because her accident opened her eyes to how vital good dental care is. “Your oral health is very important to your overall wellness or the overall wellness conversation. I think it’s a conversation that often gets overlooked. Your mouth is the gateway to everything and your teeth over living organisms,” Hannah tells HelloBeatiful.

In November of last year, Bronfman and her husband welcomed their first child, Preston Miles Thomas Fallis. This was a long journey for the first-time mom. Strangely enough, it wasn’t until she was able to address the oral infection she got from the accident, that she was able conceive, carry, and deliver successfully. “I know this is like my own theory but I felt like part of the reason I wasn’t getting pregnant was due to the infection I had in my mouth. No one was really asking me all of those questions and connected the dots.”

Pronamel has become Hannah’s go-to product now that she’s educated herself on the importance of dental hygiene. Her accident caused her to take her oral health seriously, and now she wants to do her part to spread the word. “I’m just excited to be able to speak to a product that I actually use and that I think is really important. The mouth is the epicenter of everything that’s going on (in your body),” she said. “I think 2021 is the year we bring the smiles back. Spring has sprung, vaccines are flowing, so maybe there’s a future of us showing our pearly whites, especially since Pronamel whitens your teeth.”


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