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On Strdy TQ The Queen will read your letter live on air between 2 pm-6pm.  Submit your letter to and tell whoever you wrote the letter about to listen to MAJIC 1075 975 Strdy to hear your letter.  We need to show the loves in our lives love now and forever.

Happy Love Day Kings and Queens !

Dear Husband (Toby)!
As I sit hear and begin to write to you, I want you to know first and foremost that I have the most love and respect for you as a Husband and as a Father.  Aside from my heavenly father, my world has been one of the most fulfilled since you’ve entered into it. I watch you be the best man you can be in this world, and that makes my heart smile.  I watch you raise your two beautiful daughters in a way that I admire and that makes my heart smile. I watch the way you handle your work-life balance, not allowing either to falter and for that you have my greatest respect. I watch the way you look at me sometimes, almost as if you’re admiring me for the very first time and that gives me goose bumps.
I admire and love the way you put God first in all that you do!  You are the most caring person. You are the most loving person. You are a powerful prayer warrior and for thank I THANK YOU!  Thank you for being my love for so many years and making our marriage easy! I honestly don’t know how I would smile without you by my side.  You are my better half, we are certainly equally yolked and I never want to apart from that.
I am proud of you for being the man that you are! Keep being yourself. Keep allowing that light to shine bright; you know- that light we talk about often. More importantly; Keep being a man after God’s heart!!!
I love you!
Your wife,

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