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White powder

Source: kickers / Getty

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation are investigating a new drug that is so dangerous, if could kill you just by touching it. The drug furanylfentanyl, which is a white powder similar in texture to flour, has killed 19 people in 2016, and has already taken 11 lives just this year.

Police sent out a warning to all Georgia communities for parents to be on the look out for this very lethal drug and if they come across a white powdery substance, to call the authorities immediately and under no circumstances should the substance be touched. The drug could also be pressed into pill form.

“Oxycodone to touch it is still going to be very safe. To touch furanylfentanyl could absolutely be fatal … just through the skin,” said GBI Crime Lab chemist Dineen Kilcrease.

Furanylfentanyl is illegal in the state of Georgia.


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