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Hearing Held For 'Grim Sleeper' Serial Killer

Lonnie Franklin, Jr., also known as the “Grim Sleeper,” has been sentenced to death for the murders of nine women and one teenage girl, reports reveal.

The 63-year-old, whose nickname came to infamy for allegedly taking a break from his crimes between 1988 and 2002, killed nine women between 1985 and 2007 in Los Angeles.

The crimes slid under the radar for many years, with family and community members faulting the police department for not taking the deaths seriously because the victims were women of color.

The former trash collector was connected to the crimes through DNA and the testimony of one lone survivor, Enietra Washington, whom Franklin shot in the chest and then threw out his car three decades earlier.

Now, justice was served years later in a Los Angeles County Superior court, with Judge Kathleen Kennedy telling Franklin: “I can’t think of anyone I’ve encountered in all my years in the criminal justice system that has committed the monstrous crimes that you have.”

Despite only being convicted of ten murders, police found over 1,000 photographs of women either asleep, unconscious, or possibly even dead in the serial murderer’s home.

Deputy District Attorney Beth Silverman delivered an equally scathing statement on the killer: “This defendant is completely irredeemable. He is a psychopathic, sadistic serial killer who takes joy in inflicting pain on women and killing them.”

Although the lives of those lost can never be given back, we hope the families of the victims will have some peace with the knowledge that Franklin will not get away with his crimes.

SOURCE: The Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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