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Subject: Why is she living with my man?

Dear Steve and Shirley, last year I moved into a new complex and ended up meeting a man. I had no interest in him, but we became cool and smoked together. We were both single and happy. One day I get a call about him from a female… she asked what was up with me and the guy. At the time, we were just friends. I found out it was his son’s mother but he said they weren’t together anymore, but she lived with him. Shortly after that, me and the guy became intimate. Then, his son’s mother knocked on my door… and there he was, sitting right there on my couch. So, she could see that he likes spending time with me. In April, she moved out of his apartment. He and I made it official and my life was amazing, for a good month. Then, she decided to come back and live with him, since her name was still on the lease. Now she’s back living with him and whenever I try to go over there and chill, she’s always in the room. She is always smirking and being petty. I gave him his key back and said to hell with it! He said she’s homeless without a job or a car. I don’t expect him to put her out, but I do expect him to make her respect me. Now she’s texting me nasty messages, but he says he’s not sleeping with her, he’s just helping her. I gave him the option of moving in with me and he refused. We argue almost every day and I haven’t seen him in six weeks. Should I wait and stay faithful or is six weeks long enough to wait? Should we take a break? Help.


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