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On tonight’s episode of Power, James still seems to be in denial about all the issues from his past coming his way soon. Speaking of, he tapped his well-connected lawyer, Proctor, to find out where the heck Lobos is. Proctor suggests he get that help from Angela, but he can’t keep asking Angela for info since she’s working on the case so Proctor needs to make things happen asap.


The new twist in the Lobos/John Doe case is that the feds want to try to figure out who tried to kill Lobos. They have strong reason to believe it was Jimenez, who is already locked up, but they now want to prove it just so that they could add that crime to the long list of charges being brought up against Jimenez when it’s time for his trial.

Ghost wants to officially sever business ties with Tommy and focus only on his clubs, Truth, and the new spot, Verbatim. He closed the laundromats and wrote a check for Tommy that would make things official, but since Tommy won’t answer his calls, he wants Tasha to deliver the check. Problem is, Tommy ain’t really trying to see her either, but Tasha, being who she is, made it happen. It wasn’t a pleasant meeting, though.

When they met up, Tommy confronted her about how she and Ghost set up Kanan and didn’t tell him. Tasha said she and Ghost had to do what was best for Tommy, but didn’t let Tommy off the hook because he didn’t tell her about Ghost and Angela. Tommy taunted Tasha about that relationship and Tasha finally realized that this friendship is really over too, but we all know that Tommy hasn’t been very efficient on his on when it comes to business and he’s going to need Ghost, or Tasha’s help again soon.


Back to Proctor’s search for Lobos. Proctor can’t find out where Lobos is, but he figured out that they’re dealing with a John Doe prosecution, which means they might not have luck finding Lobos unless Angela can help. Proctor figured out that Ghost tried to kill Lobos and that Lobos is aware of this, so he better find out where he is fast.

Holly’s dumb arse stole Tommy’s check from James and tried to deposit it herself. But because Tommy didn’t authorize her to sign the check she went to the bank looking like a simp and the teller was giving her the side eye. Holly came clean to told Tommy about what she. He was pissed at first, but then he got the bright idea for them to be open about each other’s moves and to even be partners moving forward. Holly agreed, but she realized she doesn’t understand his books. Tommy admitted that it was Tasha who got his numbers straight. Tasha studied accounting, but didn’t get a degree because she married Ghost.


Holly suggests they use Tasha for books and then get rid of her when they no longer need her. Tommy seemed to be thinking about it, but left to handle some other business before giving her a straight answer.


Angela’s boss informed her that they want to find the person who attempted to kill Lobos so they can see if he’ll snitch. If he disagrees then they’ll threaten him with the death penalty, and now Angela is freaking out because losing Ghost/Jamie is not an option.

Tommy confronted one of Lobos’ guys about killing his dog (by this point, Tommy just told Holly that the dog went missing, not that there’s a target on their backs). He admitted it, but basically, the point is that Lobos needs for Tommy to hurry up and get rid of Ghost.

Later on, Tommy and Ghost had arranged a meeting at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Tommy hid while Ghost waited, and tried to convince him self to shoot, but doesn’t make the move. Ghost thinks he got stood up and leaves. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that Tommy is making major screw ups across the board. He really just needs to come clean with Ghost about what Lobos wants so they can figure something out, he’s also snorting coke from his own stash and starting to act like a fiend, not making smart decisions. Tommy was always the impulsive, sometimes irrational hothead in this game, but it’s getting way worse, and his affiliation with Holly and the white horse doesn’t make it any better.

The Feds eventually close in on the man they believe tried to kill Lobos only to discover that the inmate they were looking for was stabbed…aka he dead! So now they’ll never know.


Tommy finally confessed to Holly that Lobos ordered him to kill Ghost and explained that the target is on their backs, and that the dog was the first to go. Holly gives him a pep talk about how he needs to kill Ghost for her. That’s when there’s a knock on the door because Holly called Tasha over. Tasha’s last words before the episode ending was that she can help Tommy fix his problem. Next week, we find out how Tasha will be working with them.

Hopefully she makes better moves than everyone else has thus far.


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