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NJ Mom With 7 Kids Wins $429.6M Powerball Jackpot

A New Jersey mother, Pearlie Smith, and her 7 adult children bought the winning Powerball ticket this week and will take home $429.6 million dollars, CNN reported. They only spent $6 on the tickets.

At a press conference on Friday, Valerie Arthur, one of her daughters, told the press, “It was a big shock,” Arthur said. “It was a bigger shock when we learned we were the only ticket holder.”

The Smith family plans on being incredibly responsible with the money. They opted for lump sum of $284 million, which will be about $35 million each, CNN noted.

They’ve also hired a team of lawyers and advisors to help invest their new wealth wisely.

“If it does change me I think it will change me for the better,” said Arthur, when asked about her new wealth. “I know you receive and you give. That is the rule.”

According to the Lawrenceville Patch,  Kathy, one of the daughters plans to use some of her winnings to help mentor young women. “Now she has her own funding where she can help these young women at-risk,” Arthur said. “She can go and change lives on her own accord.”

Congrats Smith fam!

Fix It Jesus! Man Claiming To Be Prince’s Son Requests DNA Test

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Since it’s been reported that Prince didn’t leave a will before he died, 700 people have come out of the woodwork to claim a part of this estate. Now a man is saying he is the son of the “Purple Rain” singer, the Huffington Post reported.

Carlin Q. Williams, a man from Kansas City, has filed a paternity claim in Carver County, Minnesota, stating he’s the performer’s “sole surviving legal heir.” He’s also requested a DNA test.

That test will most likely happen. According to CBS, Williams’ mother, Marsha Henson, says she had unprotected sex with Prince in at a Kansas City hotel in 1976. Last week, a Carver County judge released a sample of Prince’s blood for these types of claims.

Lee McCullum, ‘Chicagoland’ Prom King, Shot Dead On South Side

Lee McCullum Jr., one of the real-life stars of CNN’s 2014 documentary Chicagoland, was shot dead on Thursday.

McCullum, 22, was the prom king of Fenger High School who used to be affiliated gangs, but turned his life around and become an honor roll student and star athlete, DNA Info wrote. McCullum was shot in the head and was later pronounced dead.

This wasn’t the first time he had been shot–in 2014 two men in a car wounded him. After that attack, he said, “Sometimes I feel like I’m only born to lose. Every time you try to skip out and do something good. The more you try to do right, the more wrong come up on you. It’s hard to manage around that.”

But there is even more tragedy. Just a few weeks ago his girlfriend Tiara Parks was shot to death too.

“Chicagoland” series producer Yoav Attais told DNA Info that Lee had “a ton of potential.”

“We picked him for ‘Chicagoland’ because, more than anyone, he was the most on the brink. He could go in one direction or the other. We filmed him getting college acceptance letters and he was motivated to go to college and had every intention of going. We filmed his graduation. Whatever happened [in his life] pulled him back to the streets and after that the outlook was pretty bleak. Not to say we saw this coming, but there are not many alternatives for young black men in his position, which is terrible to say,” Attais said.

No one was in custody in his murder.

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