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Throwback Thursday is only fun when you dig deep down in the vault into unknown territory. This week, we did just that with some of our favorite celebrities.

While we’ve always assumed these stars showed some promise at a young age, it’s bewildering to actually watch and listen to supercelebs like Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steph Curry, and Kanye West do their thing prior to fame. Their star quality was always right there – it was undeniable, even way back when.

As a teen, Kim Kardashian all but predicted her fame. During his first television appearance, Jay Z seemed to not have a care in the world while rhyming on cue. At 9 years old, Drake was singing and rapping his heart out just like he is right now at this point in his career (video above).

It was written. Without further ado…

Leonardo DiCaprio’s first-ever interview.

Beyonce was wise beyond her years in this early footage.

Eight-year-old Ariana Grande sings the National Anthem.

Jay Z’s first-ever TV freestyle.

Pre-teen Taylor Swift sings the National Anthem.

Will Smith chats with Tim Westwood back in 1989.

Nicki Minaj in a LaGuardia High School acting class.

Just Justin Bieber and his guitar.

Basketball was always Steph Curry’s sport.

Mariah Carey’s national television debut.

We’re pretty sure this is Lil Wayne rapping as a little boy.

Angelina Jolie in an acting class, reportedly at the age of 25.

Kanye West’s 2002 MTV interview (ahead of his College Dropout debut).

Young Kourtney and Kim Kardashian tell their dad a story in 1984.

Young J. Cole freestyles over “Victory.”

Happy Throwback Thursday!


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