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Two South Carolina residents are suing a local police department for the 2014 illegal cavity search in broad daylight, says the Associated Press. The defendants claim they were illegally stopped by officers and searched without consent. 

One of the defendant says that a female officer “exposed Hicks’ breasts on the side of the road with a search performed in the presence of three male officers,” the AP notes. According to the lawsuit, Pontoon and Hicks were stopped by police for a “paper tag” and said the officer who stopped them asked to see a bill of sale for the car, then asked Pontoon for identification, the AP noted. 

The lawsuit confirms that while Hicks’ information was verified, but one of the officers instructed the two out of the car and cuffed Pontoon in handcuffs. Due to Pontoon’s prior conviction, he called them out and police allegedly said, “You gonna pay for this one boy.” From there a dog was showed the car and and a female police officer came the scene and searched Hicks. Meanwhile, “the first officer instructs a colleague to put on surgical-type gloves to search Pontoon,” the AP wrote. 

However the police found nothing among their suspects and after they providing Pontoon and Hicks with warnings, the pair was allowed to leave. 


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