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Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell are gearing up for the season 5 of their reality show and they shared some insightful advice on personal development and healing from the past.

On bouncing back from making mistakes, the ladies share the importance of taking responsibility and apologizing.

Tina: Repent! Say I’m sorry…you screwed up, you messed up…own it, whatever your screw up is, own it…say this is the problem and sometimes you have to say “I’m the problem”

Erica: You always have to do your internal work on yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and just do a self analysis, be ok with what that is and do the work.

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We also asked them how to deal with judgement from people about their lifestyle. They believe “killing it with kindness” is the best way to deal with haters.

Erica: If its someone that goes too far, I will block them, or I will sometimes leave an encouraging message. What can they do after that? They can’t comeback with ignorance once you kill them with kindness.

Tina: I don’t take people’s personal problems personal…If I see the world through the wrong lenses, because my life is wrong, I need to get my life together and if thats your problem, I’m not gonna take your life as an offense to me…Change your perspective on things, then you will take the eyes off of everybody else and say “how can I handle this better, what can I do to advance, what can I do to shift things here?” 

Season 5 is set to launch Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 on WEtv.

Watch the sneak preview here.

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