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Subject: Is she really blinded by love or just stupid?

Good morning Steve and Shirely, Now i will get right down to the point cause I really need to know this. My sister has been “so called” talking to this guy for almost three years and I said “so called” cause this is the part where youre going to get confused. This guy has up and moved to another state, has put a tracker on her phone to see where she is at all times and also see the phone calls and texts that come through to her phone. her son is now six and he still doesnt come and visit or buy anything for her or him,no birthday or christmas gifts EVER in these 3 years and she still thinks there together i try to give her advice but only to fail and be told to mind my business im close to my sister and hate to see this happening as long as it has. When will she wake up and realize this guy doesnt really want to be with her or is she just that blind. By the way this guy is older than her shes 26 and his dead body is almost near forty if not already there. please give one of the three blind mice some advice about this guy shes “so called” suppose to be with.


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