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Subject: Stressed Wife

Husband and I are both work-a- holics. He is a good provider and I’ve always served him because I believe my man should never have reason to have his needs met any place outside of me. Well the past two years have been challenging due to my layoff from a non-profit community arts job and my husband having surgery on his wrist and most recently a hernia operation. My frustration with my husband is that he said if I ever got fat he would leave me. I never imagined he would get to be 300 lbs at 5’5″. I am 112 lbs at 5’4″. He pays for a gym membership he never uses and hardly attends any functions with me. Often complains about everything and makes time for bowling and friends weekly. Just wondering how much is too much when the weight is on him? Help me to get pass the weight. I cannot deal with it.

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