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The love affair between Russell Willson and Ciara is enough to make one feel that fairytale love is in fact possible. I know, I know, we’re all outsiders looking in right now. But Future Sr. drama aside, it’s hard not to wish for the couple to keep on keeping on. Last week when a viral photo of Russel with Ciara and her son Future Zahir went viral, most of the Internet did a collective, “awww” seeing how cute the trio looked.

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It seems that Wilson is definitely not playing games or just dating Ciara “for fun.” The openly celibate couple seems to be getting more serious than ever, as confirmed by an interview that Wilson did on the Dan Patrick show, according to When asked about which would come first, “A Super Bowl ring or an engagement ring for Ciara?” Wilson said, “Hopefully both.” Swoon!

Now even as a sort-of Chicago Bears fan, I guess I will have to be rooting for the Seahawks in the new season. But we’ve got to ask – doesn’t this seem a little early for marriage talk? Or is there indeed something to celibacy that maybe allows you to get to know someone intimately and decide whether they’re right for you quicker? It’s worth asking. Either way, we’ll be keeping up with Ciara and Russell or as I’m officially going to start calling them RuCi.


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