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The East Side of Long Beach, California has traditionally been a predominately Crip controlled area, which at least partially explains why Snoop Dogg has been featured on songs such as “Crip Hop” by Tha Eastsidaz. With recent news of Bloods and Crips calling a truce amid the civil unrest sparked by the Baltimore Police Department’s fatal encounter with Freddie Gray, Snoop weighed in on similarly setting aside his affiliations during the 1992 riots.

“The day [the 1992 riots] started, I jumped in the car and drove to L.A.,” Snoop told  Jon Caramanica in an interview with New York Times Magazine. “Eventually we stopped in this little neighborhood in Compton. There were some Bloods, and they needed some help trying to carry this safe. We got out and helped them, and they were like: ‘Good lookin’ out, blood. Where y’all from?’ And we were like: ‘We’re from Long Beach.’ They invited us to a party.”

Snoop recalled the truce lasting roughly 18 months, and while he didn’t condone what the BPD officers allegedly did to Gray, he added that the encounter has galvanized Baltimore and disparate groups are coming together for a common cause.

The full interview, which also includes Snoop’s thoughts on his youth football league and visiting The White House, can be viewed at the New York Times Magazine website.

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