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Mellie presented Andrew with an amnesty agreement pending Olivia’s safe return.  Andrew promised Mellie that he would go to any and all lengths to make sure she never became president.

During a debriefing, it was revealed that, due to Olivia’s security clearance, the price for her release would be extremely high, bringing to light all kinds of foul things the government had done in and to other countries over the years.  Fitz ordered the plans to go forward with extracting Liv, by any means necessary.

Jake warned Huck that he needed to get his inner psycho killer under control so it doesn’t destroy him, and Quinn confessed to Huck that she was his “puppy.”  They vowed to stick together should anything happen to Liv.

Cyrus put another plan in motion behind Fitz’s back to get Olivia released.

“Marie Wallace,” aka Huck, Quinn, and Jake, bid $2 billion for Liv and wound up tied with the Russians.  (Captor) asked Liv what to do to break the tie, and she told him to take Marie Wallace’s bid and demand more at the drop site.  Unfortunately, (captor) called her bluff and threw the win to the Russians.

Abby went to Pope and Associates and dropped dime on Cyrus et al, telling Huck, Quinn, and Jake that Cyrus was planning to use the CIA to kill Olivia.

Huck wrapped Andrew in plastic wrap, poisoned him, and then made Lizzy call 911.

In a twist no one saw coming, former Gladiator, Steven, met Liv and her captors at the drop site and rescued her.  Liv promptly grabbed Steven’s gun, shot captor in the leg, then proceeded to kick the mess out of him.  Turns out, Abby was the one who got Steven in the mix.

Liv made it home safely, escorted by Huck, Quinn, and Jake.  After they left, Fitz showed up to check on Liv.  They fell into a heated argument, and Liv showed him the door.

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