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Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel, featuring Lauren Victoria Burke, Dr. Jason Johnson, Sophia A. Nelson and Cleo Manago to discuss what topics President Barack Obama should address during his State of the Union speech.

Will Pres. Obama talk about #Ferguson, police brutality, poverty, criminal justice reform, increase in racial tensions or the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Today’s panelists seemed pessimistic that the nation’s first Black President would touch on these subjects but would instead talk about terrorism and international affairs.

“I don’t think Ferguson gets mentioned at all,” said Sophia A. Nelson. “I don’t think he (Pres. Obama) is going there.”


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Dr. Jason Johnson believes Pres. Obama will address some of the difficult subjects during this year’s State of the Union Address saying, “I think he (Pres. Obama) is also going to be teeing some of these things up for 2016.”

Johnson said, “This is his last chance to speak to the coalition that he built over the last six years.”  Johnson also believes this may be an opportunity for Mr. Obama to help the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee in the next presidential election.

Johnson added, “I can’t imagine he is going to ignore hundred of thousands of people who have been protesting across the country, he’s going to say something” about Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Listen to Martin, Lauren Victoria Burke, Dr. Jason Johnson, Sophia A. Nelson and Cleo Manago discuss President Barack Obama’s upcoming State of the Union Address and what topics the President may speak on in the audio clip below.

What issues do you want Pres. Obama to discuss in his State of the Union Address?

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