My goal is to help young adults and youth transition into healthy adults. I started a nonprofit organization years ago, Making the Transition, Inc., which focuses on helping young men and women create visions for themselves, plan for life, build goals, and ultimately become stable, successful and productive adults. One of the most important transitions any of us can make is marriage and building a strong family.

Young, Black and Unmarried is a short docudrama film we created to help young adults think about marriage in a new way. Our goal is not to push anyone into marriage, but to push people to think and develop their own opinions. While this film does focus on marriage, it goes much deeper and takes the mind of the viewer on a complete journey.

Our goal is to spark conversations about life, marriage, family, and the future. While watching this docudrama film, you will develop your own thoughts on marriage, if you desire to be married, what would make you take that next step, if you want a family, what family really means to you, what type of life you want to live, and you will also be exposed to other people’s thoughts on all these same topics – expanding your foundation in all these areas. If you fail to ask yourself these questions, fail to build your own views, and fail to focus on your future, then you’ll also fail to build the life that will fulfill, inspire and bring you purpose.

We look forward to hearing from you. We can be reached at and we hope you enjoy Young, Black and Unmarried!


Keith Strickland